Case Study: Online Virtual Training

Spladap wanted a colorful, customizable interface and vibrant marketing materials to facilitate communication and learning.

Spladap, Inc provides “Sports learning that adapts to the user’s needs, without geographical boundaries or limitations.”

Designing a dashboard that was rich in features, while minimizing the learning curve, was my challenge.

Building A Plan Builder

At the core of Spladap’s virtual training system is a tool that provides coaches with the ability to construct a personalized training plan for each of their students.

Making this builder intuitive, while facilitating easy access to its deep feature set was a challenge that I enjoyed immensely.

Simple Skinning

Spladap wanted the dashboard used by their clients’ organizations to effectively function as a white-label software product.

It had to be fully skinnable and yet simple enough to learn that even a technophilic, septuagenarian baseball coach would embrace it.

Video Etch: The little app that makes it possible

Spladap’s “Video Etch” is an iOS app that allows students to capture video of themselves in action and draw over it to perfect their technique. Each trainer’s minisite includes links to download the app.

As Video Etch is integral to the virtual training system, an eye-catching cover was designed to ensure that trainees wouldn’t miss it.